Friday, April 4, 2014

How to Avoid these 6 Common Home Selling Mistakes

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How to Avoid these 6 Common Home Selling Mistakes
In accordance with our commitment to educate you about real estate, we are here to talk about 6 common mistakes people make when selling their property. Keep in mind that all of these are totally avoidable - you just need to know about them beforehand.
6 Common Home Selling Mistakes
1.     Overpricing Property: This initial mistake can ruin a perfectly sell-able property. Luckily, Frank has a good handle on Southern California homes and can effectively price yours for a fast sale at a premium price. Always consult a professional like Frank, who has over 14 years of experience.
2.     Inability to show a home: You must make your home available to as many consumers as possible. If you can't show your home to a large audience, then your chances of selling it have already significantly decreased.
3.     You Must Declutter & Depersonalize Your Home: In relation to showing your home, you cannot have clutter or personal items like artwork or posters showing when you are trying to sell it. Neutralize your home so that buyers can imagine themselves inhabiting it. Plus, if you're going to be moving out, it's good to get all the clutter cleared out anyway.
4.     Unpleasant Odors: Once again, aim to have your property as neutral as possible, including the way it smells. Don't smoke inside your home, and avoid cooking fragrant foods like cabbage or curry. Even pleasant smells should be avoided in a home because those carry personality, and you want to aim for neutrality. If you have pet stains or odors, consult a professional service to remove them.
5.     Unwillingness to Negotiate with Buyers: Real estate agents are professional negotiators and they have your best interests in mind with everything they do. No real estate deal goes without a hitch, so expect negotiations, and expect your agent to work in your favor each and every time. Concessions are sometimes necessary for the sale to occur.
6.     Unwillingness to make repairs: If a buyer is making an investment on your property, it is certainly within reason for them to have concerns about repairs. The thing is, you have to choose your battles wisely. Some repairs can be more important than others, and your agent should negotiate and inform you as to which ones are most crucial to sell your property.
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