Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why A Trust?

Why A Trust?

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my video blog! Today, I wanted to talk about trusts and why they are preferred over wills.

So, what is a trust? A trust divides ownership of a property into two parts.
1.    Trustee. The trustee holds ownership and control of the property.
2.    Beneficiary. The beneficiary holds the soul right of the enjoyment of the property.

Did you know that often trusts are preferred over wills when ensuring the orderly transfer of property in case of a death? Trusts can be executed immediately and can handle a variety of different circumstances. If you are injured or become incapacitated, a trustee can take over your finances.

Another great thing about trusts is the assets such as personal property are not subject to probate proceedings. This is a HUGE relief in avoiding expensive fees from both attorneys and probate court.

Trusts can also be changed much easier than a will. One simple notarized page from both the trustee and beneficiary is all it takes!

The BEST part about a trust, though, is getting favorable tax treatment! If you have a personal net worth of $100,000 or more, a trust will maximize your estate tax exemptions. It will also ensure at the time of your death, your heirs can inherit the estate and avoid any penalties and fees from our good friends, the IRS.

Take it from me. You don’t want your loved one to lose their home at the time of death to the state due to lack of estate preparation.

As, always if you ever know of a friend, a coworker, relative or even a friend on a social media site that is interested in buying or selling a property, connect with me today!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Should You List Your Home in the Fall?

Should You List Your Home in the Fall?

A lot of people have asked me whether the fall is a good time to buy or sell. Should they wait until spring?

The answer is no! Fall is a great time to buy and sell. While we typically see more sales during the summer months, we also have more inventory.

The fall is a market of serious buyers and sellers. It is a great time to sell because inventory drops and there is less competition. Buyers are serious; maybe they are relocating or they just sold their home and need a replacement. There is a sense of urgency and home sells quickly.

If you are thinking about selling, do it now. We expect inventory to increase during the spring and you don’t want to wait for more competition. Give me a call at 626.780.2705 and I can help you with your buying or selling needs. Thanks for watching!