Monday, May 14, 2012

Seize That Window of Opportunity to Sell Now Before Prices Dip Further

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The last thing I want for my clients to have to deal with is the utter disappointment of not being able to get a decent price for the sale of their home. In fact, forget “decent” price, I want you to get a GREAT price!  But I can’t do that without your decision to list your home for sale.

Have you seen the popular TV show called “Love It or List It”? It’s a great show with the platform of showcasing two people that own a home – each with different views on whether they should love the home and stay in it or list it then literally move on. Well today, I am suggesting that as we sit on the brink of yet another change in our market, you should sit down and decide where you stand in the market as far as selling or keeping the home.

An Open Window of Opportunity That Might Not Last Long

Right now, as we are still in the midst of the best time of year to sell, there is a great window of opportunity for homeowners to successfully sell their homes. For the next two to five months, we can expect a flood of buyers that are out there ready and willing to jump into contract. The record-setting low interest rates are still going strong but how long will they remain?

Potential Rocky Road Ahead Will Change the Game

The big news that has not quite hit yet is about foreclosures.  In fact, you may even have heard of the term “shadow inventory”. As a flood of foreclosures is expected to hit the market soon, the result will likely be a further dip in prices, reduction in demand and an unknown impact on current interest rates. If you are contemplating selling your home you definitely want to avoid doing so at the helm of banks unloading countless foreclosed properties.

Strong Buyer Demand – But How Long Will It Last?

It is a widely known fact that as the warmer months approach buyers are more active in their quest to find the perfect home. But in today’s challenging market no one can accurately predict what might happen from one season to the next. One of the strongest driving forces that has propelled buyers’ interest in properties despite a down market has been the super low cost of borrowing money. Coupled with government programs to make owning a home more affordable, existing homeowners are able to refinance or get into something more manageable.

Sellers Striking the Market Before It Gets Too Hot or Too Hold

In the wake of the nation’s robo-signing scandal settlement, many sellers know that eventually there will be many more properties on the market competing with traditional homes. The foreclosed inventory that will likely hit the market in the next 6 months and beyond will not only drive prices further down but it will make it very difficult for sellers to receive offers, meet asking price or negotiate agreeable terms.
Before it becomes too late – I urge you to consider all the factors and decide whether you really love your home long enough to ride this market out or you want to list it and move on while you can still get a good price on your home. Either way, I look forward to serving your real estate needs and strive to continue doing so with the utmost success!