Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Accessing “Best in Class” Realtors Through Local, National and Global Networking

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Real estate purchases are most often the biggest purchase in an entire lifetime for most people and the last thing they want to do is to get stuck with a mediocre agent that is not truly in it with full spirit.  We already know and aspire that if you are in the Southern California area you would allow us to service your real estate needs but did you know that as part of the nation’s top mastermind groups, I have access to the top 1% of agents in our country? In fact, it goes even further than that with the best real estate agents in North America and overseas.  And not surprisingly, our reach stretches beyond America going far and wide to many corners of the globe. 

Regardless of whether or not I am the agent on record for your transaction or those of your friends, family, colleagues or anyone else in your social circle, what I can provide is genuine guidance and assistance with a number of valuable resources.  Each year through many national and international real estate conferences, coaching events and other retreats, the nation’s top-producing agents get together under one roof.  Through the years and through our many experiences we have become more than just passing acquaintances and we can speak for the integrity for one another.

The next time you hear someone you know inquiring about a quality, reputable and experienced “Best in Class” Realtor, I ask that you ask me without hesitation and I will make sure that that person is contacted by one of the best in the industry.
As your Realtor and friend in all things real estate, it would be a pleasure and honor to continue to serve you (and those in your circle) with my insight and assistance in any way you may need.  We look forward to hearing from you!