Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Insider Tips on How to Win the Competitive Edge When Buying a Home

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With our all-time low interest rates and prices so low it’s no wonder that buyers are lining up trying to take advantage of the great deals out there right now.  But if you are one of those buyers that are finding it tough to deal with the competition, what can you do better to make sure you get the home of your dreams?  There are a few things that many buyers, under the guidance of their savvy agents, are doing to stand apart from the rest.  Here we’ve shared them with you to make your real estate buying endeavors both fruitful and as seamless as possible!

Be Prepared In Advance and Know What to Expect

Too often when prospective homeowners walk into a new property, they do not take into consideration the all-important fact of how much they can actually afford.  It’s one thing to have a ballpark figure in mind but it’s another to have an actual preapproval letter from your bank.  Buyers that have a preapproval are taken far more seriously by sellers than the buyers that express an interest in the home but then have to start from square one.

Know what the market holds when you go to make an offer on a property? Many times a buyer will not have studied the area’s market trends and as a result ends up suffering the consequences.  For example, in a strong market where there are good homes at desirable prices, buyers find themselves competing against others in what ends up to be bidding wars.  Being prepared in advance and being willing to offer more than the asking price is sometimes what is necessary to get you that dream home.  Keep in mind that eventually, the market will experience an upswing so you will see some return on your investment.  By focusing on what you are getting now with the best of what the market has to offer, you will end up with a winning transaction.

Adding a Personal Touch To Appeal to Sellers

The transaction of buying or selling a house can be very impersonal at times but it does not have to be that way.  One of the best ways that highly successful real estate agents succeed in helping their clients get their dream properties is to add a personal touch – especially when it comes to communication with the sellers.  An example is sending a letter introducing the family that is vying for the property, with details about them, why they love the house, or what makes them the perfect fit for the home.  When sellers come across this type of thing, it gives them a warm glimpse into the people that could be moving into their home – a home that they are undoubtedly very attached to and would like to see go to only the perfect new owners.  Another thing that works well is complimenting the sellers on how they have maintained the home or on other aspects of the house you find very appealing.
At the end of the day, if the house is meant for you it will likely become yours but not without you and your agent doing the best possible to stand out from the rest.  For a customized consultation on how we can help you buy the perfect home, we invite you to visit us soon!