Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Recognize Winning Real Estate Agents That Will Get Your House Sold

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Real estate agents may sound the same, say the same things and even be equally as enthusiastic – but the telling fact of whether an agent is successful or not is the number of homes sold.  There are some surefire signs of a good Realtor that if you can specifically seek when searching for an agent to hire, there is a good chance you will be successful in your home selling endeavor.

Ten Percent of All Agents are Selling Ninety Percent of the Homes while …

Ninety Percent of All Agents Are Selling Ten Percent of the Homes

Which side of the fence do YOU want to be on?

As long as you can weed out the top performers, you can bet on a home sold with less Days On Market , at a better selling price and with less hassle. 

Past Performance Is a Good Indication of Future Results

Every agent has a track record and every potential client should examine the track records of agents they are considering before deciding on which one to hire. Even though the average number of home sales is two to four per year, the question is more about how does the person or team manage the sales on their roster.  Even though often you will end up working with an organization, it is the reputation and performance of the individual Realtor you should focus on.  The key factor that will illustrate the agent’s viability is how successful they are in today’s challenging real estate market. 

A Solid Marketing Plan Is The Cornerstone Of Successful Selling

Some would say that “marketing” is a fancy word for sales – but that is hardly true. While marketing entails some sales within its realm, it covers a bigger picture that includes promotion, awareness, publicity, and of course ultimately, sales. 

In real estate especially, there are two basic brands of marketing that are used primarily – passive and active.


This is the traditional way that Realtors have sold properties.  They list the home in the newspaper, on the Internet and in magazines.  They utilize Multiple Listing Services and conduct traditional open houses and walk-throughs.  Essentially, though the agent lists the home in several mediums, they are waiting for the property to sell itself on its own accord.  When it comes to the selling price of a home in these instances, the highest possible price is not necessarily realized.


Professionals who utilize this extra dimension of marketing are far more apt to achieve the success they set out to achieve – as they are building complex strategies that include many angles of reach to potential buyers.  Active marketing in terms of real estate is when Realtors go out and grab potential buyers for the homes they have listed, using tools and techniques that involve venturing outside the box.  The actively seek to fill gaps and literally work on matching properties to prospective buyers by calling their agents directly.  Agents in this scenario are far more successful in getting higher selling prices on the properties they sell.

Having Viable Current Clients Vouching For An Agent Shows Credibility

It is no secret that most references provided by a real estate agent (or any professional for that matter) will be hand picked and carefully selected to put forth the best image possible.  If you think about it, that is not the most reliable source of a person’s credibility because they can easily conceal a number of bad experiences other clients may have had with them.  A better approach is to request a list of current or most recent clients with closed or pending sales in the last 30 to 60 days.  This will not only offer a glimpse into the way the agent is handling today’s issues but it will also demonstrate performance on various levels, depending on where the current stage is for each client. Questions to ask include “does the agent follow through with the promises they make?” and “does their marketing plan provide results?”
The importance of having is a solid professional presence, with a proven track record of an agent who has worked and can demonstrate valuable marketing skills and techniques is paramount to real estate selling success.  One strategy many homeowners adopt is to carefully conduct their own “market study” to determine exactly which of their neighborhood Realtors fits the bill according to their specific needs.  The key is preparedness and knowing what to look for.